Ysabel’s Daughter Face & Body Luffa Scrub (Orange)

I have been trained by my mom to wash my face in the morning as soon as I open my eyes. So washing my face as soon as I wake is like an auto-pilot thing. These days, nothing perks my morning up like Ysabel’s Daughter Face & Body Luffa Scrub.

Just like all other Ysabel’s Daughter products,ย Ysabel’s Daughter Face & Body Luffa Scrub has an amazing scent to begin with. The orange scent provides an instant rejuvenating effect in your morning facial routine.ย The presence of almond oil, jojoba oil and honey moisturizes your skin as it exfoliates to remove deep-seated dirt. This product is 100% all-natural and has a normal shelf-life of 2 years.

If you’re a fan of non-sudsy facial wash, this is perfect for you. But don’t worry, unlike other non-foamy commercial facial wash in the market, this product leaves your skin squeaky clean after the final rinse.

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