Read your Bible anywhere

Last night, I made a commitment with God that I will start to get to know Him more. I have been busy with less important things for years now and I haven’t made time to really grow spiritually.

With the advent of technology, I tried to search for BlackBerry apps that could let me read the scriptures of the Bible anywhere–this is most especially useful when I’m caught in a bad traffic.

Not to sound too preachy, but I have always been the person who would laugh at people who are “too religious” … until recently, to which I can not explain myself, I had the realization of wanting to improve my relationship with the Lord.

With this goal, I have started to open up the pages of the Bible and started reading–and understanding–its scriptures… then I realized, why not look for e-Bibles online? That way, since I am in front of the computer 70% of the day and my BlackBerry is with me almost 24hrs a day, an e-Bible will be my best companion to deliverย my goal.

I searched forย Bible apps through my BB and found’s BlackBerry app. I think it’s the best app for BB since it’s the only app that is less than 1MB size. Plus, you can choose from 41 different translations in 22 languages. It also has versions for iPad, iPhone, Symbian users, Android users, Palm OS, and–if all else fails–there’s always mobile web. ๐Ÿ˜‰

You just have to sign up and create an account so you can select your own reading plan–a very helpful tool for Bible novices likeย me. The reading plans helps you choose theย Bible chapters you want to cover in a given time frame and tracks it on a daily basis.ย 

When you log into online, you can get to write your reflections via their journal page. You can also contribute articles for other users to read. It is a social-networking site, with a better purpose: to get to know, grow and share your knowledge with God.

Now, if you are not the reader type, YouVersion always has Audio Bible –aptly called Faith Comes By Hearing. With all these available, I do think there’s no excuse for anyone to get to know God through the Bible… it’s just a matter of will-power. ๐Ÿ™‚

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