YoSwirls – the FroYo bid of BTIC

Just when I thought the mushrooming of new FroYo companies is over in Manila, here comes BTIC’s version: YoSwirls at Shangri-la Mall. I gotta hand it to them, I like the name. LoL. It made me rap it like “YoSwirls, YoSwirls, Yo Yo YoSwirls” (with the rap hand gestures and all) after finishing a cup–and that’s about it.

Price wise, a cup of FroYo is only Php 75–and there is only ONE size. The toppings are at php 25 for the cereals and some candies, while Php 35 for fruits and granolas–and yes, priced at EACH topping added.

Although they served Choco swirl and Vanilla FroYo versions, I contented myself with the classic flavor. The taste? Well, there was nothing extraordinary about their version. It was all satisfactory. Nothing to rave about. Yes, no zingy magical tingly taste after each spoon. And I didn’t like the fact that even the liquidy thing that came with the kiwi topping I got was inside my cup. It looked kinda gross.

You know, I am head over hills with FroYo and I would never get tired of having a nice cup even after each and every meal of everyday. And with YoSwirls, it’s just one of those you’d get when you have no other option.

Well, there’s still Tutti Frutti and FYI to taste-test.

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