Yogi-Berry: the newest self-serve froyo

I think it’s been almost a month since I last set foot in Greenhills. Luckily I decided to swing by this afternoon for some tiangge shopping and found this new froyo kiosk in town.

Yogi-Berry is much like Tutti Frutti. They both offer self-service froyo for a personal experience and charges per oz. While TF goes for Php 20/oz, YB is only Php 15/oz. I tried a cup earlier, heavy on the toppings, and I was only billed for Php114.00

Yogi-Berry is found at the 2nd floor of V-Mall Greenhills, fronting Toy Kingdom. Personally, I think the location is bad, since there’s too much people around and the place can get crowded, especially on weekends. People waiting in line for the froyo gets mixed with the passers-by… and yea, that can get really annoying.

Taste-wise, nothing’s too splendid about Yogi-Berry. The texture is most icy, much like Tutti Frutti, as compared to the creaminess of Red Mango or Yohgurt Froz. There was only chocolate and vanilla available when we were there, and the choco was not even at its frozen state yet–it was just a slush of choco-froyo. Really icky.

Pulling down the price for a cup of slushy froyo isn’t going to get you far. It may click for some time, but your primary market is too meticulous to give you second chances. I suggest, with better location, more flavors, and better froyo consistency; Yogi-Berry can still save its face from the cut-throat froyo war. ๐Ÿ™‚

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