Yoga time!

I have been bitten by the yoga bug!

Last month, I have enrolled myself in Vinyasa Yoga Classes. This is the type of yoga that is focused on flexibility/flow and correcting postures–as compared to Bikram which is hot yoga, ergo strenuous and sweat-soaking.

With yoga, your mat is your everything. And I am happy that I have finally gotten myself a new yoga mat that is perfect for my bubbly, girly, and colorfulย personality. ๐Ÿ™‚

Essentially, yourย yoga mat needs to keep you stable in your poses. Practically, it has to be comfy, portable, and it doesn’t break the bank. There are more popular brands out there like Nike or Lululemon… but they come in thousands of bucks.

The more popular type of mats sold in sports outlet andย department storesย are the PVCs (just like below)–which is okay for Vinyasa since you don’t really need much traction.

You can getย these PVC matsย in Landmark for less than Php400.00, while the thicker ones are sold for Php500.00 to Php600.00 range.ย In fact, my first mat was a PVC, and it worked perfectly with my Vinyasa classes. Sinceย PVC matsย are the mostย budget-friendly, I noticed that 90% of my yogamates are using the same type of mono-colored yoga mat.

I like that these mats are easy to clean since they are made of rubber. Although, they say that PVC mats are not eco-friendly, which is evident in their smell. I hate the rubbery/plastickyย stench of the mat every time I’d have toย lie on them. ๐Ÿ™

Though I was okay with my comfy PVC mat, I have been looking for a better (smelling) eco-friendlyย yoga mat. Partly for fashion, partly for purpose, I have been eyeing myself a two-toned yoga mat.

That’s why I was so happy when I found SM Department store’s promo and quickly checked out their mats. I got excited when I saw the colorful mats, and with the price, I immediately got myself one! ๐Ÿ™‚

For only Php 499.75, you can get a two-toned, non-PVC 5mm mat (same as the top-most image)! Regular price is at Php1,499.00. You can choose between a 5mm and a 3mm mat (the thin ones are only Php 399.00), with lots of colors to choose from.

PS. I was able to compare my SM mat with my instructor’s Nike mat. The material is almost exactly alike, only, Nike’s is 3mm while my mat is thicker. The SM mat provides better grip than my old PVC mat, and it doesn’t have that smelly rubbery stench. I say, this has been a great buy! So try to get yourself one since the promo isย extended until April 30! ๐Ÿ™‚


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