WIN discount coupon/freebie card from Lacoste

Live. Love. Lust. Lacoste.

Get a chance to win! Drop a comment on this blog post and let the world know why you love Lacoste.

Only entries/comments submitted by October 21 (WED) 9.00 pm are included in the raffle.

Couchwasabi will randomly pick ONE (1) lucky winner who is willing to meet in Makati to get these Lacoste coupons. Winner will be notified on October 21 (WED) 11.00 pm via email.

Coupons are valid until Oct 31, 2009. Accepted in all Metro Manila stores.

UPDATE: Winner for this raffle is rad valenzuela. Congrats!


  1. I love Lacoste because it has wide array of products that is classic and sophisticated. I love their scents and of course, BAGS.. ๐Ÿ˜€ Their bags are simple yet elegant…

  2. I love Lacoste. Lacoste will give you that feeling that what you are
    getting is of best quality. You have that feeling of satisfaction.
    It is crisp and fresh with a vibrant range of colours great for Spring
    and Summer. Lacoste is more high fashion and better quality. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I love Lacoste, simply because of its high quality and it’s comfortable to wear/use. It’s a fashion for all season, you could never be wrong if you’re wearing or using a Lacoste brand

  4. lacoste is simply the best.
    i love it – for it’s high end styles, may it be clothing, footwear, or accesories.
    i live it – it sends a message to everyone – “i wear quality”
    i lust for it – for me, lacoste is simply fashionable and sexy

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