Where can I find Wasabi Rice Seasoning here in Manila?

A couple of months back, a friend in Tokyo came to visit me in the Philippines. What I love about Japan is that they have all these cutesy and unique snacks that every girl can oggle over.

Being a sucker for wasabi (hence my blog name…), my friend brought many wasabi flavored snacks for me to enjoy. Even Pepper was happy with his Japanese goodies and treats. =^.^=

Aside from the yummy uniquely flavored KitKat, what particularly caught my fancy is their Wasabi Rice Seasoning or Wasabi Fumi Furikake.

For wasabi lover, this should be amazing. You just put it on top of hot rice and the wasabi pellets will melt together with the rice. The seasoning is mixed with seaweed flakes and sesame seeds–it’s one gastronomic bomb in a go!

So my bottle is more than half empty and I am running out of supply. I tried looking for this in our local Japan stores but, sadly, we don’t have it anywhere in the Philippines. ๐Ÿ™

Have you seen this in Manila? Do let me know where I can possibly get my stash of this wasabi rice seasoning.

Happy weekend!


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