What you have to know about makeup brushes

Lately I have been obsessing over makeup brushes because I am too excited for my upcoming makeup classes over summer (I actually enrolled myself into three different workshops!).

So, for the past couple of days, I have been scouting for good makeup brushes to invest to. Plus, I have been diligently watching Michelle Phan with her YT videos.

I’m currently using E.L.F. eyeshadow brushes which I purchase last year… and since I have discovered that they have this 12-pc brush set for only USD12, I already asked my friend to send me a set of these. On the other hand, I have Body Shop kabuki brush for my cheeks and face. Heck, I even have Forever21’s Damask Face brush with fancy Pink hair.

Since my set of makeup brushes won’t come until April, I went to buy Marrionaud’s brushes. These brushes are considerably cheaper than E.L.F. locally. Marrionaud brushes are synthetic and cruelty-free. I have been using Marrionaud’s angled blush brush for my daily makeup routine and so far it does not shed like crazy. Although, I noticed that E.L.F.’s brushes are much softer than Marrionaud’s.

Anyway, so what’s the difference with synthetic and natural hair fibers in makeup brushes? I was told that synthetic brushes are best for cream and liquid based makeup. Mineral or powder based makeups works best with natural hair makeup. This is because synthetic fibers can absorb liquid and cream based cosmetics more. It is also best to use synthetic brushes for base makeup that covers a large area (like the face).

Natural hair brushes can be from goats, squirrels, pony or sable.. or combined. Natural hair brushes pick up powder color better since the hair cuticles can pick up more powder and deposit them on your face. Body Shop offers a range of mineral brushes that you can use to maximize the application of your mineral makeup.

Apart from choosing the correct brush with the kind of makeup, make sure to clean your brushes once a week so bacteria won’t thrive on your tools and prolong the life if your brushes. Synthetic brushes can use warm water and mild shampoo. Natural hair brushes should use antibacterial dishwashing liquid and olive oil.

To help you in cleaning your brushes, you can always buy brush guards and follow the cleaning instructions here.

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