WHAT THE EFF IS “CRUSH VIDEO”? Say NO to Animal Cruelty!

WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE NOWADAYS? Have you gone too bored with your measly lives? I CAN NOT understand how people can find entertainment from killing helpless puppies–or animals, in general. You must be one heartless creature to be able to stomach these kinds of acts!

Up to now, nobody knows where these three girls are. But I sure hope that they would be found soon and they should serve their sentence. Imagine, they even had the guts to smile at the camera while doing this horrible act?! For what? For a measly Php100.00 – Php1000.00? HOW PATHETIC!

Animal crush videos feature animals such as kittens, puppies, and mice who are slowly tortured to death for the sexual gratification of fetishists. These videos often contain footage of underage girls slowly crushing animals to death, usually by stepping or sitting on them.

– PETA Asia-Pacific

This 19-minute crush video is some sick animal fetish thing that has GOT TO STOP! Please watch the full video here and be aware. Let us support legislation to criminalize ‘Crush’ Videos in the Philippines.

NOTE: Violators of animal cruelty in the Philippines can face sanctions under Republic Act 8485 (Animal Welfare Act) and Republic Act 9147 (Wildlife Protection and Conservation Act).

Recently, another bill was passed, under House Bill 6893, increasing the penalties for violations of animal welfare offenses to deter individuals from breaking the law. Read more here.

To anybody who have seen or anyone who recorgnize these girls, do your part.ย  Please report them to the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) โ€“ Animal Welfare Division; the government body in charge of implementing the Animal Welfare Act +632-926-1522 and Office of the Director +632-926-6833 or +632-928-2429.

Credits to wheninmanila.com

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