Welcome my new pet, chihuahua

I have a penchant for toy dogs, especially chihuahua. Thing is, I’m too lazy to own a real one ‘coz I don’t like cleaning them everytime they take a dump. Luckily, I spotted this really cute virtual chihuahua in an online toy store last Wednesday, instantly clicked ‘Buy it now!’ and paid for it that second.

I don’t consider this as impulsive buying since I have always wanted to get myself a real chihuahua sans the hassle of manual labor. So, if I can’t have the real thing, I consoled myself with the electronic type, thanks to technology!

Like a real responsible new pet owner, I’ve been so excited to come home yesterday to see my chihuahua–which I named as Tinkerbelle. But to my disappointment, the package was shipped later than I thought and it just got to my doorstep this afternoon.

Anyway, I didn’t bother to complain since I was too excited to play with my new pet. After years of taking care of an alien (my v2 Tamagotchi, who is currently named Belly), it’s time to acquire a new one, right?

Tinkerbelle is also made by Bandai, the makers of Tamagotchi. As compared to Tamagotchi’s, this needs lesser attention. You can just play with it whenever you want to and will go ‘idle’ when left untouched. This is actually a plus, now that I am working already.

When played, Tinkerbelle shows alot of facial expressions and activities. It can run, drink water, eat dog food, watch tv, listen to music, smell flowers, climb a tree, bark, take a shower, and more. Sometimes it beeps for attention, and when this happens, you just have to press the upper left corner of the LCD to make it happy (yes, it’s touch screen!) 🙂

There is no English version for this toy, and since I don’t know how to read Japanese language, I’m still pretty much exploring its features.

Anyway, if you are curious enough, you can get your own Chihuahua here.

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  1. So Cool!!!! But you need to get a real Chihuahua – they are the best if bought from a good breeder.

    Check out this cute little pic of two INFANT Chihuahua in a little car – SUPER CUTE!!!! – http://my.arfie.com/photo/weeweechu-1?context=popular

    Dogpile.com, the site that helps Animal charities just launched this cool social site with TONS of cute pics (mostly dogs though : ) ) called My.Arfie.com – Super cute stuff


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