Wear your heart on your hosiery this Vday!

Am I the ONLY ONE who’s doing the countdown? It’s 4 days before Heart’s Day, have you decided what to wear on your Valentine’s date?

Whether you decide to go for sexy and sultry or fun and flashy, there’s a Leg Love hosiery perfect to bump up your Valentine’s date outfit. For decades now, Manila Bay Hosiery Mills Inc. (MBHMI), makers of Leg Love by City Lady, has continuously evolved its design spectrum to meet the demands of the Philippine hosiery market.

I remember before Gossip Girl came to the Philippines, stockings are only for nurses, sales ladies, and school teachers–at least that’s how I have always perceived it to be. Whenever I see someone wear stockings, I’d always think maybe a) she has a lot of hair on her legs and she just wanted to hide them; or b) she needs to wear it for her profession. Since we live in a tropical country, I always thought that wearing stockings would be kind of a drab.

But since Blair Waldorf  influenced girls to wear printed tights and eventually textured stockings, suddenly designer stockings has become part of Filipina girls’ fashion piece.

Just last season, Leg Love released another line of fun stockings aptly called I LOVE HUE. A collaboration with 2012 Mega Young Designers winner Renan Pacson, Leg Love’s I LOVE HUE wanted to celebrate with a burst of colours. Fun, quicky, and a bit of that 80’s vibe, Renan took his collection to a new plane by taking his inspiration from three different patterns that evoke his youth. By combining pressed fossilized flowers, melted crayons and confetti his collection is a myriad of fresh new patterns and colours.

To add a little spice on your Valentine’s date outfit, I suggest you grab a piece of Pablo Cabahug’s Leg Love Designer Series and turn your simple outfit into a stunner. The balance of complexity and simplicity has been mastered Pablo Cabahug.  His designs have created a new silhouette for women who are not afraid of something new.  His presentation gave an air of absolute sophistication and contouring women’s legs at the same time.  His inspiration of sad couture is one that really turns the on looker jealous or even happy.

For the naughty girls who would love to master the come-hither look, Bianca Valerio’s Leg Love Couture is just right for you. The use of rhinestones and crystals lends the wearer the illusion of a longer leg and little surprises that titillates the eyes with sparkles. Leg Love Couture line is directed to the fun and sophisticated woman that doesn’t mind being a little adventurous with her fashion. Bianca has proven that sexy is just in the details and of course a kiss mark in the right spot of your stockings.

Check out LegLove’s FB page here. Also, you can conveniently buy Leg Love hosiery over at ZaloraPH.

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