Virginia Olsen Minerals: The Naturally Fun Stuff

For only Php150.00 a pot, you can get your hands on these 100% pure mineral makeup. Virginia Olsen boasts a wide range of colors for their cosmetics line that you can use interchangeably (meaning, you can use the eyeshadows as blush, eyeliners as eyeshadows, bronzers as eyeshadows, use them as lip tint, etc–they are all multi-purpose!)

Virginia Olsen eye pigments would range from brights/neons, to metallics, to mattes, to nude/neutrals. Some of the best sellers are chartreuse, plum-lovin’, summer sun, chrome, gold bars, 24K gold, and festival. Their eye shadows are highly pigmented and can be applied dry or wet (“foiling” method).

My favorite eyeshadow color would be Jirbie, it’s a deep teal eye color with a splash of gold–depends on which angle you are looking at. It’s rich in sparkles, perfect for clubbing. The color reminds me of a mermaid’s tail, actually.

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