Virginia Olsen Minerals Beauty Tools Comparison

So we thought natural hair brushes are actually better. I was taught in makeup school that way–that natural haired brushes are superior. Maybe that’s for the old fashioned. There’s this new technology in brushes that uses synthetic Taklon hair, which can perform as well as natural haired brushes sans the smell. And most of the time, they’re softer, too.

Here comes Virginia Olsen Minerals Beauty Tools carrying that technology. No wonder that their brushes are really undeniably softer than the others. All their brushes are dubbed as “professional-length” as they are longer than the normal brushes to provide mo precision. They have an eco-friendly bamboo handle, with sturdy aluminum ferrule. Plus, two toned Taklon bristles that are soft yet packed densely.

Their first brush collection comes only in 7 pieces–although, sold separately. All of which are for use whether wet or dry makeup application (talk about versatility!). Below I shall compare them side by side my other brushes of the same kind:

Kabuki Brush – Php 600.00

Left-Right: Body Shop Kabuki Brush; Virginia Olsen Kabuki Brush

Virginia Olsen’s Kabuki brush is insanely soft and dense! Truly a value for money! Compared with my Body Shop Kabuki brush, Virgnia Olsen’s is slightly bigger, yet more affordable than the former. Brush quality is the same, both are synthetic and soft. Virgnia Olsen’s kabuki did not shed or bleed when washed. ๐Ÿ™‚

Total Face Brush (Powder Brush) – Php 500.00

Virgnia Olsen Total Face Brush (Powder Brush)

Since I do not wear foundation or face powder, I never really owned powder brushes. Hehe. But all I can say is that Virgnia Olsen’s brush quality is amazing! It’s really soft and dense. It’s like holding a bunny’s tail, actually.

Contour/Blush Brush – Php 450.00

Top-Bottom: Virginia Olsen Contour/Blush Brush; Marrionaud Blush Brush

I’ve been a perpetual fan of Marrionaud’s blush brush because it’s angled. Here comes Virginia Olsen, providing a smaller, more precise angled blush tool. Its size makes it more versatile in contouring. Again, Marrionaud’s blush bleeds and sheds some times but Virginia Olsen’s didn’t ๐Ÿ™‚

Blending Blush – Php 350.00

Top – Bottom: VO Blending Brush; BH Cosmetics Blending Brush; ELF Blending Brush

Virginia Olsen’s blending brush is one of my favorites! The size is just perfect for my eyes. ELF’s was too short and flat (plus its bristles would fall off EVERY SINGLE TIME I wash it), while BH Cosmetics’ is too big. Virginia Olsen’s Blending Brush provides the precise blending tool I’d need for my crease while BH Cosmetics’ is perfect for my browbone highlight drama.

Concealer/Eyeshadow Brush – Php 350.00/300.00

Top – Bottom: VO Concealer Brush; VO Eyeshadow Brush; Marrionaud Eyeshaow brush; Suesh Eyeshadow brush; ELF Eyeshadow brush

I don’t really use a brush in applying concealer so I categorized Virginia Olsen’s concealer brush as part of my eyeshadow/eyeshader brush. Virginia Olsen’s concealer brush can actually double as a big eyeshadow brush. In here you can see that Virginia Olsen’s eyeshadow brush is almost the same as Suesh’s (sans the handle).

Performance wise, I like using my Virginia Olsen brushes especially for cream based eyeshadow and when I’m doing foiling method. Since Marrionaid and Suesh brushes are of natural hair, I prefer to use them in dry application.

Angled Eyeliner/Brow Brush – Php 280.00

Top – Bottom: VO Angled Brow/Liner Brush; Marrionaud Eyeliner/brow brush with Spoolie

The only other Eyeliner/Brow brush I have is of Marrionaud’s. Although Marrionaud has been one of my favorites, Virginia Olsen’s angled eyeliner/brow tool is much thinner giving more precise eyeliner application.

Hope this post helped you in picking your brushes. If you wish to purchase Virginia Olsen Minerals beauty tools, click here.

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