Unli-Samgyupsal at Don-Day Korean Restaurant

Before anything else, how are you spending your Labor Day?

For those who don’t know it yet, Samgyupsal is a popular dish among Koreans, which is basically grilled pork belly. It’s not really how you cook it, but it’s how you eat it. Samgyupsal literally translates as three layered meat. Like Korean BBQ, it is grilled on table top and served instantly.

Basically you’d need lots of veggies like lettuce or romaine to serve as your wrap. Put in some tablespoon of rice and Samgyupsal. I like the Samgyupsal dipped in sesame oil with salt and pepper. Then maybe add some mushrooms, some garlic–I like putting eggs and bean sprout in mine–and wrap it all with the lettuce before popping everything in your mouth. It’s a bit messy some times, but it’s fun.

I remember my beau took me out on a first date with Samgyupsal in Makati before heading off to Mandarin Hotel for some drinks. <3

Anyway, yesterday, we discovered a nice little resto called Don-Day Korean Restaurant. They offer unlimited Sangyupsal and Korean sidings buffet for only Php299.00 per head. Let me take you around the buffet table.

For the price, the buffet looks charming enough to make anyone happy. I wasn’t able to taste all the food on the buffet table though. Among my favorites are the potato marbles in red sauce, beansprout with chili powder, seaweed dish, tamago dish, onion rings (because I am such a sucker for big onion rings), and of course, the veggies for Samgyupsal. Most of the items on the table are deep fried or breaded. Desserts come in the form of fresh fruits like pineapple and papaya. Oh. And, by the way, I skipped Japchae and rice because I am on a “diet.”

Now, on to the meat. For the price of Php299.00/pax, Don Day has provided us awesome Samgyupsal meat that is yummy and filling. For my serving, I normally remove the fatty part… so I get to have more meat to fill in my veggie. πŸ™‚

Although, just a note, I have tasted authentic Samgyupsal meat and, I swear, it’s delicious. The real Samgyupsal meat is a little sweet. It’s insatiable. My beau said that the meat in Korea is different–that they are naturally sweet. And boy, whenever I remember the Samgyupsal his mom prepared one time, using the authentic Korean meat, gosh. It. Was. Divine.

Of course, don’t expect real Korean Samgyupsal meat to be served at Don Day’s price. Nevertheless, the experience is enjoyable. In fact, your money is better spent here if you are a fan of Tramway.

For the drinks bar, excluded from the buffet, bottomless iced tea is Php50 per head and the soft drinks in can come in Php45 each.

We got a little lost coming over the restaurant. When the owner knew about this, he gave us complimentary Korean ice cream. What luck that he gave me my favorite Korean red bean ice cream (fish ice cream). And because of that, I super love them na (I’m super easy to bribe with) Yay!

For more info, you can get in touch with them via Facebook.

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Don Day Korean Restaurant

2G-5 Sunshine Boulevard Plaza (near Klownz Comedy Bar),
Quezon Ave. corner Scout Santiago
Barangay South Triangle Q.C.

0906 331 0201

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  1. Hi, just wanna ask if the place is air conditioned?

    and kasama po ba yung Japchae and other dishes sa 299php buffet?
    Thanks in advance! I love your blog πŸ™‚