Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt in Atrium Megamall

FINALLY! After weeks of obsessing to try Tutti Frutti froyo, I have finally got the chance to swing by Megamall and devour on it!

A first on its kind to provide 100% self-service froyo for Php 19 per ounce–that’s all in for froyo and toppings, international franchise Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt is ready to serve Filipinos with ultimate personalized froyo indulgence.

They offer lots and lots of froyo flavors like original, lychee froyo, choco froyo, blueberry froyo, green apple froyo and tutti frutti froyo. Likewise, you can choose from various fruit, cereal and candy toppings like kiwi, cherry, strawberry, mandarin oranges, mangoes, lychees, marshmallows, white choco chips, strawberry choco chips, sprinkles, and etc.

With all these variety, it’s no wonder the house is packed when I got there.

As you can see below, I got really excited about the idea of choosing unlimited toppings and unlimited froyo flavor, all just for Php 19 per oz. Here’s the cup I had earlier, I threw in lychee, original, and tutti frutti yogurt as my base and added cherries, lychees, sprinkles, white and strawberry choco chips and mallows as toppings. Mind you, with this overflowing cup, I only paid for Php 185.00–awesome right?!

Tutti Frutti is at 4th Level The Atrium, SM Megamall.


  1. Tutti Frutti recently opened its second store at the 3rd Level of Glorietta 4 in Makati. Opening in late February is its 3rd store located at the Ground Level of SM San Lazaro in Manila. Tutti Frutti is the only US brand of self-serve frozen yogurt in the Philippines, nothing compares!

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