Trendspotting: Bright Bandage Skirts

I can’t get enough of bandage skirts. I think this is perfect for the rainy weather, especially when paired with opaque tights. Sadly, we don’t have Herve Ledger locally-Herve Ledger, by the way, is simply the best skirt and dress maker in our generation.

But don’t fret, I found a great alternative for Herves which is made to order.

I recently ordered Herve-inspired skirts in different colors and even Herve-inspired dresses at The Closet Boutique. They sell made to order skirts for only Php 480.00 and full dress for only Php 850.00.

The Closet Boutique can send your orders in 5 days after payment. Since it is made to order, the skirt/dress perfectly fits your size–you can even specify the length.

Try checking out their site to discover other great finds. Email them thru [email protected]. Don’t forget to tell them you’ve read about their product on this site ๐Ÿ™‚

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