Tous Les Jours’ 12th Store at SM Jazz Mall Makati

The first time I was introducted to Tous Les Jours, I instantly fell in love with their yogurt cake. Yesterday was another milestone for Tous Les Jours, it was the opening of their 12th store in SM Jazz Makati–with Brazilian model Daiana Menezes as the celebrity guest.

I always love getting stuff from Tous Les Jours, I’m a patron of their yogurt cake and macarons. I was also delighted to see tofu chips in Tous Les Jours–something to add to my shopping basket whenever I go there.

Aside from celebrating the company’s 12th store in the Philippines, Tous Les Jours is also highlighting their Belgian Waffles and their newly launched TLJ Patisserie Connoisseur Card.

Yummy and crunchy!

So basically, this is how my plate looked like.

The Belgian Waffles come in 4 flavors: the plain waffle is for Php38.00 while the Chocolate, Blueberry and Strawberry ones are priced at Php48.00 each.

What I love about the waffles is that they are made fresh daily and they retain the crunchy-ness. They are not made with artificial flavorings: the blueberry flavored is made from dried blueberries while the strawberry flavored waffle is made from frozen strawberries.

with Hazel of and Celline of

The difference about these waffles is the ingredients. When I asked Ms. Andrea Amado (TLJ President) about their waffles, she told me that the secret is actually in the flour. All TLJ products are made with the finest quality ingredients–down to the imported flour.

We then got to try other cakes from the display. Here are the cake slices served on our table–I got the one in strawberry. ๐Ÿ™‚

Daiana modeling the cake

TLJ’s Patisserie Connoisseur Card is something I am extra happy about. Since I am a suki of TLJ, now I get to earn points every time I purchase my yummy pastries from the store.

With this card, you’d have to activate the membership through Once activated, you get a 2% rebate with a minimum purchase worth Php100.00–points are updated real time! The accumulated points can let you buy other TLJ products at any branch in the Philippines. Yay!

How to get one? You can actually get it for FREE with every Php500.00 single-receipt food purchase.

Brazilian model Daiana and I

And finally, I think one of the highlights of the day was when TLJ’s resident Korean chef Peter prepared a fresh yogurt cake in front of us, with the help of Daiana.

You can check the full video here:

Visit Tous Les Jours SM Jazz Makati at 109-Aย Jazzย Residences,ย Jupiterย St., corย Nicanorย Garciaย St.,ย Bel-Air,ย Makatiย City.

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