Touch your 5 senses with Toccare Spa

with Ms. Leah Dy of Toccare Spa

Yesterday was a fine day for me, and to some of my fellow bloggers, as we were invited to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with Toccare Spa.

The Common Area– From top left clockwise: The reception area; shower room; dry sauna; and locker/changing room

Toccare Spa is your private sanctuary away from the bustles of the urban life. Toccare Spa draws inspiration from its Italian meaning โ€œtouchโ€. Our therapists and our signature massages will surely make your Spa Journey a remarkable experience.

Toccare Spa prides itself in providing a personalized environment. Upon entering the spa, our receptionists will assist you in choosing the treatment right for you.

Left: Wet Sauna Room | Right: Jacuzzi
Toccare Spa lounge
More common area

Toccare Spa boasts in providing a very personalized treatment. Upon entrance, the receptionist will guide you through the choices you can make to personalize your treatment using an iPad. You get to choose the type of massage oil, massage room, massage intensity and down to the music played in your room. To add to the experience, if you avail of their Wellness Package, you get to choose your food from the Spa Cuisine after your treatment.

Toccare Spa Wellness Treatment Package Choices (Php999.00)

  • Moor Treatment at the steam room, experience shower, Gem Stone Massage and Spa Cuisine
  • Steam Aromatherapy at the Sauna room, Hilot Massage and Spa Cuisine
  • Hair Treatment at the Sauna room, Healing Bamboo Massage and Spa Cuisine
  • Foot and Hand Renewal at the foot spa room, Classic Massage and Spa Cuisine
Pearl Room — the room where I had my Gem Stone Massage done

I picked package A with Moor Treatment–to bust off cellulites–and Gem Stone Massage. It was a good 3-hour treatment to pamper you from head to toe. Another thing I liked about Toccare Spa is that it’s very private. I really enjoy spending my spa time alone–with my 15-minute wet sauna session while the Moor (mud) was on, then I took a shower, and proceeded with my 1-hour whole body massage.

Toccare’s Healing Gemstone Massage is their signature massage. It’s a combination of Hilot Massage and Classic Massage–perfect for sore and stressed bodies. The Healing Gemstone Massage focuses on healing through rejuvenating massage strokes and healing crystals which are applied throughout the body.

Other VIP rooms of Toccare Spa

After the relaxing treatment, we were ushered to have our Spa Cuisine at Azzurro–Antel Spa Suites’ hotel restaurant.

Balance is the key. Toccare Spa helps you recuperate with its Wellness Package. Experience a detoxifying retreat using their steam, jacuzzi, and sauna facilities followed by a 60-minute whole body massage treatment and a Spa Cuisine by Azurro.

We were served with delicious meals to top off the relaxing spa experience. You can choose from meals like chicken, pork, and pasta. Your complimentary drink, a choice between hot or cold beverage, is also included.

If you would like to de-stress and you are working in Makati CBD, Toccare’s your best bet in experiencing a high-class, 5-star hotel spa experience for half the price. For only Php999.00, I’m sure these Wellness Packages (massage + Spa Cuisine) are a sure hit!

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PS, Thank you to Ms. Leah for this wonderful experience ๐Ÿ˜‰

Toccare Spa
4/F Antel Spa Suites
7829 A.Venue Makati,
Makati Avenue, Makati City

Tel: 555-1232 or 0927-768-6556

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