The wonders of HTC Dream (G1) Android Phone

HTC will always have a special place in my heart. I have loved my first HTC phone (HTC Hermes) due to my Gossip Girl addiction… but I quickly bounced back to my trusty Nokia E71.

Anyway, the new apple of my eye is this HTC Dream or G1. I’ve had this for 3 days now and all I can say is ‘I heart HTC.’ This is the world’s first android phoneย which has easy access to Google appsย like Gmail, Google maps, etc. It’s basically made for those who double their phones as a web-browsing device.

What I love most about this phone is the flexibility it offers to its users. HTC Dream has instant access to Android Market, which houses a lot of free usefulย android applications and games for you to load to your G1.

Being a Twitter fanatic, obviously the first app I downloaded from the Market is Twidroid, a free Twitter app that lets me Twit wherever there’s wifi–which reminded me of purchasing a EUR 4.95 worth of Symbian app just to Twit on my E71. Ouch.

Aside from Twidroid, I downloaded a couple of games like Abduction, Bubble Burst Lite, Coloroid, Torect Lite, and WordUp!–all for free!

I also like the fact that HTC threw in a qwerty keyboard and not just a touch screen LCD like iPhone. Although I can’t help but mention thatย with HTC Magic (G2), the successor to the Dream, it has already dropped the qwerty keypad making Magic a slimmer phone relying on its touch screen LCD for controls. But don’t fret, the famous trackball is retained so web-browsing would still be a breeze. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, what I don’t like about G1 is that it can’t transfer photos/music/files via Bluetooth. I always use the cable to transfer files from my laptop to this phone. It’s either it doesn’t have that functionality or I haven’t figured it out yet. Hm…

Anyway, overall, I really really love this phone and I am enjoying every bit of it. In fact, my Nokia has already taken a backseat since my hands landed on this phone. Heehee. But then again, I say HTC Dream’sย battery life could stillย use a little improvement. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. Hey, if you have WiFi at home, did you try installing the FTP server on your G1? Just put it on while you want to transfer something and use your desktop to FTP to it and transfer all the files. It doesn’t get easier than that ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I adore my G1 too. What I do to transfer media is using Google’s Gmail (in draft and i gets there when I synn & access it on my Mac) and Note Everthing. I’m using it without a SIM card and thus is ad-free unless my HTC Dream is connected to Wi-Fi.

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