The Torture of Having NO INTERNET (Thanks, PLDT)

At this day and age, having NO INTERNET is like SUICIDE. Our broadband connection has been cut off since Thursday, along with our phone line. I don’t really care anything about the phone line but HAVING NO INTERNET IS KILLING ME!

I’ve been calling PLDT Customer Service EVERY SINGLE DAY and tweeting them to ask for a technician to come over, to no avail.

And it has always been like this. PLDT, the country’s largest telephone company, has always been a turtle in fixing things–WHY? WHYYYY??? It has been 4 days and nothing has been done to restore our phone and internet service. Talk about inefficiency. πŸ™

When I tell my foreign friends about my internet woes, especially during bad weather, they don’t seem to understand how the weather can affect our internet service. Honestly, I don’t understand either. And yes, it seems to remain as a mystery in the Philippine islands.

So now I am forced to use this Jurassic-era Sun Broadband modem. For Php50.00 a day, I can enjoy unlimited internet.

But the speed is just as sad.

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