The Paw Project: Why you should say NO to declawing cats


It’s not like this has not crossed my mind.

When Pepper, my adopted 5-month old kitten, started to become hyper-active and giving me my daily dose of his biting and clinging spree, I was looking ways how to make him more “human-friendly.”

It was a daily battle of fencing with Pepper–with me ending up having these unsightly marks:

One of the things that came up through my research was having him declawed. At first, it seemed to be a good idea… it’s like Pepper Soft-Paws forever. But then when I tried to research more about it, I learned that declawing cats may cause them severe discomfort and other complications.

Declawing may weaken the muscles of their legs causing stress on the joints of the paw, wrist, elbow, shoulder, and spine. Imagine cutting off a baby’s toes. Heartless, I know.

I’m not sure, though, if this procedure is done in the Philippines. I hope not.

I guess Pepper’s hyper-activeness is part of the package when my beau and I decided to bring him home from the highway. He’s a growing sweet little kitty. He continues to explore and he loves to play. I still get his gigil hugs and bites from time to time but I learned to adapt and be creative on how to manage his biting spree.

Right now, we put him in the cone of shame when he starts gettting aggressive. This instantly tames Pepper. I also put on Palmer’s Scar Serum on Pepper’s scratches and bite marks. Hopefully, my arms get back to its ‘normal’ state soon.

Having said that, I choose Pepper over my skin. I realized that my skin can always regenerate and go back to its old state. But if I let Pepper undergo the declawing surgery, it may affect his well-being forever–and this is NOT something I am willing to take.

Happy CHOOSE-day!

Meow! Ciao!

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