Spotted: The Face Shop Color Nuance Blush

Make-up is something that I don’t compromise. Everything I put on my face has got to have some reputable name attached  with it. After going for my L’oreal blush for about a year now, I got so bored and finally decide to get another cheek shade. I spotted The Face Shop’s Color Nuance Blush, a Korean make-up brand, and tried to give it a road test.

Since my face is naturally pale, it’s a must for me to wear make-up to add life on my blank canvass. So, I picked shade BR803, which is a warm, natural-looking powder blush suited for any skin type and complexion.

I love the texture and easy application. The silky sheer TFS Nuance Blush showed a subtle shade of flush that eludes a warm, healthy and natural looking glow–much like what you get after you day’s workout. It is said that the blush is acutally baked and formulated with silicon elastomer to provide a silky soft texture for an even and smooth application.

It also has sebum-control powder and coating pigment to provide long-lasting color–which I can personally attest to since the color lasted the entire day without needing touch-ups. This makes it perfect for a girl’s night out so you can party away without worrying if you’d look pale on pictures later at night.

For only Php 395.00 (approx USD 8.00), The Face Shop’s Color Nuance for Cheek has shades in warm tone, in orange, and in pink. You can check out their website to find out which shade suits you best. 😉

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