The Body Shop Dragon Fruit Lip Butter

I have been wanting to buy this since I first heard of it last September because 1) I’m such a sucker for lip products, and 2) I super love dragon fruit. So when I saw The Body Shop’s latest addition to their lip balm collection, I knew I had to own one.

I finally got to buy a pot yesterday during the 1 hour sale. Although this is not part of the 50% selection of product, heck, I took a pot and tossed it in my bag.

The Body Shop’s Dragon Fruit Lip Butter feels super luxurious on the lips. The product is creamy but not oily. It does not leave a glossy sheen on your lips, so it’s a perfect base for your matte lippies.

I was curious on how this would smell… Honestly, I really don’t know how does a dragon fruit smell. I mean, I never detect the smell of the fruit even if I have eaten it a gazillion times. So when I opened the pot for the first time, instinctively, I took a whiff of the prod, and boy it was divine. Not that it really smelled like the dragon fruit fruit, but it smelled fruity. It reminds me of this colorful fruity soap my dad used to buy in Canada or Duty Free.

Another thing to love about this prod is that 100% of the sale goes to our local charities. I’m not really a biggie in doing socio-responsibility, but I guess this is a good start. πŸ™‚

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