That Ellen Adarna Abs

Doing yoga 3 years ago

In 2010, I started doing yoga. Though I am very lazy to do any form of exercise, I was convinced to join the class since it was very convenient. The yoga class was offered in the same building as P&G. Actually, it was sponsored by P&G, as part of their employee wellness campaign.

After P&G, I never really found time to do yoga again… until now.

It’s been a while since I’ve been contemplating on starting to finally do exercise. I’m getting older–and maybe fatter–and the thought is just killing me!

So, I chose to do yoga and ab workout sessions every other day since I still can not commit myself to do a daily workout routine. My motivation? I want a better pre-holiday body an “Ellen Adarna body,” with the boobs–if fairy godmother will grant me that as well. LoL.

Luckily, technology keeps me motivated as well. I use apps from my Nexus 7 to help me do my exercise. Right now I use Daily Yoga app and A6W Trainer-Flat Belly Workout app.

Anyways, so my routine is basically a 1-hr yoga combo–dependingΒ  on my mood if I want a light yoga session or an extensive yoga session. Then I add another session with my A6W Trainer Flat Belly workout. I think these apps are awesome as they are very easy to follow.

By the time I am done with my sessions, I’m normally left lying on the floor a little shaky and sweaty all over. :p Honestly, my body is still a little sore from my routine last Sunday… but that’s okay, I wanted to bust all my cellulites and get that nice “Ellen Adarna abs.” If not, I’m seriously considering getting a personal trainer soon. >.<

Here’s my thin-spiration: Ellen Adarna

Anyway, do you know any good exercise apps on android? Let me know through the comments box below!

Happy CHOOSE-day!

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