Tamagotchi Music Star version 6

I was part of the original Tamagotchi generation back in 1996 when the Tamacraze first broke out. In fact, I was one of the first few kid in my 6th grade batch to ever own the original Tamagotchi egg.

In 2006–after 10 years–Bandai released Tamagotchi Connexion (ver 2), which added infrared connection capabilities with other Tamagotchi V2. It was a successful comeback, I must say (yes, I have a V2, too). And since then, Bandai has been releasing new versions year after year. This 2009, now on its version 6, Bandai gives a rebirth for these electronic pets, now dubbed as Tamagotchi Music Star.

Yesterday, I went to Toy Kingdom to finally buy V6–one for me and one for my youngest sister. I had to buy one for my sister or she’ll never stop in bugging me to let her borrow mine!

Anyway, now on my second day of trying to raise my alien-pet-trapped-inside-an-egg, I noticed that the v6 is more noisy than its predecessors. It beeps more and needs more attention. It practices its musical instrument from time to time and my pet even has a “favorite genre.”

Tamagotchi V6 comes with a guitar pick that has a special code to access some freebie in Tamatown. Though I haven’t activated my Tamatown account yet, I did a little research and found that there are alot of codes floating online for you to hack other freebies.

Raising a rock-star wannabe is more complicated than I though. Imagine, Tamagotchi now has STRESS level! If it practices a musical instrument that it doesn’t like, it gets stressed. Hilarious. Also, sad that V6 can not connect to older versions than V5… So it means my V2 is totally isolated–unless I find another V2 to connect it with.

I haven’t fully explored my new Tamagotchi… but so far, I’m enjoying my new toy. I know right, dorkiness much?


  1. Tamagotchi’s here in the philippines are priced 999 pesos,it isn’t that over-priced but can’t the v6’s go on sale? even if you just cut down at least 100 pesos from it’s original price.

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