Sunsilk Straight and Sway Styling Cream

SunSilk does it again ๐Ÿ™‚

Did you know thatย  men are generally attracted toย women with long silky hair? In one study published in the research journal Human Nature, researchers found that women who had originally been rated by a test group as being less attractive were rated far more highly when shown with a longer hairstyle.

No wonder women would spend thousands of bucks a year to make sure that their hair is in tiptop shape. Well, to save yourselves a couple of bucks, consumer giants are now innovating their hair care prods to help you prettify your crowning glory right in your own bathroom.

When I first saw this productย at Watson’s, it was like an angel that finally came to save my hair from frequent treatment. I reallyย heart SunSilkย because they always come out with “bright-idea-inspired” hair care prods for us girls who are so particular with our mane.

Anyway, for girls who goes for hair rebonding like me, it is important to have a good leave-on hair product to tame those newly grown hair and balance the poofiness. I used to be a fan of CreamSilk Leave-On Conditioner. But I noticed that at times, the leave-on would turn into flakes, which would look like dandruff–talk about gross…and a major turn off! So I ditched using the product and never used leave-on conditioners since then.

I switched to Zero Frizz Smoothing Creme, which I got from Canada, and had been happy with it for a while. The product is great in doing it’s job. Plus, I love the smell ๐Ÿ™‚ But the thing is, sometimes, I get breakouts on my forehead when using it, probably of the “moisturizing” content that is too much for my face. So I decided to stop using it as well.

Ladies, here comesย Sunsilk Straight and Sway Styling Cream, a locally available hair genius. Gone are the heavy leave-on conditioners that would make your scalp itch during the afternoon and embrace your new home remedy for taming those poofy and frizzy hair. For only about Php 105.00 a pop, this new wonder is your hair’s new best friend.

Apply a quarter coin diameter of this product to your hair while it’s still damp, and voila! Your hair is soft, shiny and frizz-free! Mind you, this puts on enough weight to make poofiness at bay. What I like best about this prod is that your hair doesn’t feel too “weighed down” with the prod unlike “the late Pantene Leave-On Conditioner.”

With the length of my hair, I think I had a double dose of the product and so far, I am loving the results. I had my hair today all tidy and poof-free… much like when you first step out of a salon after your monthly treatment. ๐Ÿ˜‰



  1. I’m using another Sunsilk Prod I found @ Duty Free Subic. It was on sale so I bought it. The prod is Sunsilk Hydra TLC. I don’t know how much it costs at regular price, tho.

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