Sunday is Margarita Day

Bottoms up!

It was a pretty boring Sunday so Radioactive Goo and I decided to drop by the grocery and buy ourselves some nice margarita glasses and indulge ourselves with the margarita mix we bought some time back in a duty free in Pampanga.

We’re such spoiled brats, we know. We bought ourselves some nice local tequila, 7-Upย and some fruit juices for the mix. We also brought our opened grenadine andย Boonesย strawberry to add variation to this afternoon’s delight.

Anyway, as soon as we got home, we had our fancy glass salt-rimmed with calamansi and rock salt–since we forgot to buy ourselves some lemon, we decided to go for calamansi! Since we don’t have ice crushers on hand, we did all the drinks “on the rock.”

The drinks were yummy–and lovely! And it inspired me to take bartending classes–something that I have been wanting since 3-5 years back.

Anyway, if you know of anyone who’s offering bartending classes or just how-to-make-cocktail-drinks classes, just let me know. And yeah, I’m taking this to the next level, if you happen toย know stores that sell bar tending tools (double jigger, mixer, shaker, etc etc…), you gotta let me know! ๐Ÿ˜€

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