Sun Broadband Wireless Roadtest

After roadtesting PLDT WeRoam, I decided to get my own wifi gadget. Since PLDT WeRoam requires alot of corpy documents (since their target market is for corporate accounts…) I opted to subscribe for a 2-year lock in period with Sun Broadband Wireless.

After a good week of using SBW, i can say it is just good for its price. SBW is only available in Metro Manila, but it gives a good signal strength of 2mbps. I tried using and I was not at all disappointed with the results!

Though PLDT WeRoam is available nationwide, most of the non-MM areas only has EDGE connection–which is pretty much useless as you can only use EDGE for YM. Internet surfing is not available using this speed… because it seriously takes forever for your google page to load.

With SBW’s price and reliability around the metro, this may be better than PLDT WeRoam if you are using this wifi gadget mostly for urban mobility. But if you are more onย the out of town situation, better get PLDT WeRoam.

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