Summer Sports Season

I’m not really the sporty type. Actually, it’s my first time to talk about sports in the entire existence of this blog. But since it’s part of my 2010 resolution to be sporty and active this year, I am determined to revisit my badminton years and continue at least one sport this year.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not one fo those super-badminton-goddess-slash-ultimate-smasher type. I just play for the sake of playing. LoL. But yea, since highschool I’ve always liked badminton. I remember my first racket was a Gosen, and then I upgraded to a Carlton, and finally jumped in the Yonex bandwagon.

I have this matra, I’ve you can’t play it, at least dress like it! Haha! So, I’ve been spending for badminton purposes for the past week, getting all new outfit to get the get-up factor covered. Since I have a sister who serves as my baddy-buddy, I sponsor her accessories and outfit too (luckily she has her own racket already, quite sosy since she got it from Canada).

I started buying new sporty skorts and shorts a couple of days ago in Landmark (2 each for me and my sister). I love that you can get a design for different colors in Landmark. Naturally, I picked the pinks and purples. Then this morning, I went to Greenhills to check out dry-fit shirts and other badminton accessories. I found Nike/Adidas shirts on sale for only Php180.00.

Another sport I would want to do this year would be tennis. I used to be scared of tennis because I was thinking the racket might be too heavy for me. But while I was in sports stores earlier today, I had an itch to own a tennis racket and maybe start playing it.

I saw a flyer last week that Prince holds monthly tennis clinic for Php2,500.oo–not sure if the equipments are included. But I remember our company had a tennis clinic a couple of years back for Php5,000.00, with the racket included. So I’m still checking my options. It would be great though if you guys can suggest any tennis clinic you know of… and what tennis racket do you recommend for beginners.

Just last week I also tried playing bowling with my office mates and started yoga last Sunday. You see, I’m really serious with my NY’s resolutions. 😛

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