Stop those Creepy Cosplay!

Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous!

Oh gosh, I hate it everytime there’s cosplay here. I hate seeing weird, creepy people walking around in pseudo anime suits, dressing up like their favorite manga character.

The snapshot right there is just one of those weird manga zombies parading their weird get up while I was dining at BubbleTea.

Oh gosh, it makes me puke! Look at that hair?! Horrible. Utterly gross.

I never liked animes and Japanese cartoons. Moreso, people wanting to dress up like those fictional characters like Naruto, Sailormoon, etc. etc. Yuck!

Whoever thought of doing this?! We must stab them to death! Kidding—not!

I have seen worse this afternoon, too bad I was not able to take more shots of those manga zombies. Some of them even wore wigs a la Sailormoon and was dressed up like Japanese schoolgirls.

The guys wore colored wigs with long bangs… I can’t figure out what were they trying to do or who were they trying to copy… They all looked alike! All looked weird.

Anyway, just another rant day for me.


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