St. Luke’s Global Felicidad Sy Health & Wellness Center

St. Luke’s will always be my favorite hospital. Hands down. Ever since I had the independence to choose my own hospitalization, I have always preferred St. Luke’s Medical City–be it in QC or in Global City.

Last Sunday, I “checked-in” at Felicidad Sy Health and Wellness Center for my In-patient Executive Checkup. I know most people my age don’t even bother to have their annual check-up. Lucky for those who have these APE (annual physical exam) as part of their company’s benefits. But for those who do not, I strongly advise you to have yourself checked at least once every two years. Remember, most cancers are treatable if detected early.

Anyway, so I had my annual physical checkup with St. Luke’s. Mine was package B–it was a comprehensive exam with all the bloodwork (CBC, Lipid Profile, Blood Chem); Urinalysis & fecalysis; Hepa screening; Chest X-ray; Upper Gastro Intestinal Series X-ray; Breast , liver, gall bladder, kidney ultrasound; Transvaginal; ECG; Treadmill stress test; and Fibersigmoidoscopy (yikes!).

You can’t just go there and have these done. You have to call them in advance and schedule an appointment. Based on my experience, they are normally fully booked during the first quarter of the year since most companies are having their employee’s APE done during these months. I was lucky to have secured a slot for March in 2 week’s notice.

The beauty of their lounge area while I was waiting for my appointment to be processed

I was excited as some of the procedures I’ll be doing will be my first time. I enjoy St. Luke’s very much since there is not much waiting time (unlike other hospitals *ahem Makati Med, ahem*). Besides, if there were waiting times, you are properly taken cared of and you will feel as comfortable as if you were in a hotel. The nurses are very professional, courteous and friendly. None of them will give you that annoying carabao English.

This is me, finally enjoying the comforts of my room

It’s cute that all the nurses who attended me were surprised to have me. They all said I was too young to have this done. Even doctors think the same.

I grew up with my parents having these executive checkups done (at St. Lukes’s, still) annually. So, this is not new to me. I have always planned to have these routinary check-ups done by the time I reach 40.

My dinner last Sunday–not bad for a hospital food.

One of the things I love about St. Luke’s in their food. I know most people would have this stigma on hospital food being less than appetizing. Since I was younger, I knew that St. Luke’s has always provided good food–my two youngest sisters were both delivered at St. Luke’s QC circa 1990 and 1995. They didn’t disappoint when I had my check-in last Sunday. Look at what they gave me–a yummy grilled chicken with rice. πŸ™‚

The morning after. This is the break after the fasting.

I was also very pleased with the fruit basket. I was kinda sad that they didn’t allow me to eat the fruits I brought with me on the first day. Apparently, I can’t have fruits and veggies before fibersigmoidoscopy. Being a good girl that I am, I reserved my fruits as a reward to myself after my 10-hr fasting.

Complimentary fruit basket from St. Luke’s. Plus, my additional fruits from Market Market.

I like that St. Luke’s were strict in implementing the right patient-nurses ratio. This made the patients more comfortable in having their executive check-ups done. Very little or no waiting time in every procedure. The doctors and nurses are very attentive to your needs. The ambience is relaxed. Everything flowed really well.

What’s more remarkable is that, 90% of my results are already in upon “check-out.” Although they would tell you that the results will be ready in 3-5 days, I was able to get mine–sans breast ultrasound–before I left the hospital. How cool is that? πŸ™‚

I will always and forever love St. Luke’s. Period.

And before I forget, I would like to thank Ms. Bernice Baculi of Customer Service Division for giving me this opportunity in experiencing such a world-class treatment. πŸ™‚


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  1. Hello we want to have executive checkout Bl (out patient) for male and female. We need colposcopy since our family have colon cancer. Can you give me the package with colonoscopy and MRI . I got slip disc in the back lower and l fell down last June 13,2016. That’s why l want to have MRI to be done too. Can you schedule us on Aug 15,2016 . We are two weeks stay in Philippines. We will Manila up to August 20. Pls make accommodate on that date. Can you give us also the contact number of your office at Global. Patient Genaro C. Delin Jr 63yrs old, Julieta L. delin 63 yrs old too. Tel 16716884567
    Julieta Delin