SPOTTED: Cool blog using Barbie dolls

My trip yesterday in 168 Mall included me buying faux Mattel Barbie shoes to add to my collection (which was only Php 20 for 3 pairs).  So when I got home, I excitedly checked if the shoes would perfectly fit my doll. And voila! It fits so well just like an authentic Mattel Barbie shoe. 🙂 I was so happy and got obssessed with looking for more cheap Barbie stuff the whole afternoon.

While surfing for local sites about Barbie, I found this cool blog: Niel Camhalla’s One Sixth Sense.

Basically Niel has dolls to portray his interesting comical antics–which covers political issues and daily rants. He also does face repainting and hair re-rooting to build the character’s image.

Believe me, his work is really really funny! In some of the pages, there are posts on how he did the doll customization–how he changes the facial features and hair style. His posts are so entertaining that I did nothing for the whole night but read his works. 😀 Simply put, everything is just to amazing… and inspiring 😉

You know, I wouldn’t have the time and drive to do such a thing because I’m so lazy… I’d rather buy the dolls and scrap the whole customization thing. Hehe. But then again, what made Niel’s blog really cool is the fact that he was able to recreate icons like Gloria and Mr. Barako (parodies of PGMA and the US President).

Very talented indeed.

On a side note, I also found this article online: Ms. Doll Universe–and a whole lot of “doll beauty pageants.” LoL. We humans are really creative in entertaining ourselves..

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