Spinal Care Chiropractic Follow-up Session

We recently had our first chiropractic session with Dr. Su from Spinal Care Chiropractic. Upon reaching the clinic, Dr. Su started sharing us his findings based on the submitted X-ray and our initial consultation session.

highlighted are your problem areas

He will carefully explain to you, one by one, what will happen and how will the treatment go. Basically Dr. Su will brief you on your treatment and advise how many treatment is needed, depending on your condition.

Spinal Care Chiropractic’s rates are Php4,000.00 for initial consultation and Php3,500 for every succeeding consultation. They offer packages for people who will undergo treatment, though. For our case, we were advised to have the 24-session treatment but we opted to get the 12-session package first. This costs about Php35,450.00.

And so, we started with the first session.

For my beau’s case, the treatment will eventually start from the lower back part and progress towards the cervical spine part through the course of his 24 sessions.

Dr. Su’s full report will also showΒ  recommendations like using a Tempur pillow, making sure to have a 30-minute walk daily, 3x a day ice compress for 10 minutes on the affected spine area, and the use of USANA supplements.

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  1. How was your experience to Dr Daniel Su? I have been similarly treated here in Singapore by a Gonstead Chiropractor and I find his adjustments quite so long (8 months). Could you please give me any feedback on your treatments to Dr Daniel Su.


    • Hello Jeremiah, that’s what I think too. I was recommended to have the 24 treatment session but only availed of 12. My boyfriend felt better on his 4th or 5th session but sometimes the uncomfortable feeling on his back recurs. He hasn’t been to Dr. Su for quite some time now and he hasn’t finished his treatment package. I think Dr. Su is okay but yea, it’s takes so many treatment sessions compared to other chiro.

  2. Hi! Thanks for your reply. This is a very valuable information for me as I am contemplating to have some treatments in the Philippines when I have my vacation. Looking at your BF’s spine, I might have the same condition as his, only much worse. Have you tried other chiropractors with other methods? My neurosurgeon in St Lukes has recommended me a Chiropractor, namely: Dr. Ken Sison (Chiropractor), Dr. Tuazon (Chiropractor and Othopaedic) and Dr. Christian Mangcao (Surgeon and Myotherapist). I just want to share to you that I have been in 8 months in treatment but my problems have been recurring back and then (Hips, C1, C5, C6 T1, T5, L5, etc.) I am not against my Dr nor to Dr Su (as I haven’t tried him) but their methods are the same and they met here in Singapore also πŸ™‚