So what’s with Fat Shaming Week?

Who says plus-sized models can not be sizzling hot?

Australian model Robyn Lawley can kick your ass for even trying to join #FatShamingWeek, a twitter trend that happened last week.

Look at how gorgeous she is. If I’d have her body (and her face), I wouldn’t even complain of being a size 16. Hell, I’d kick your ass for even trying to make my weight an issue!

In an interview for GQ Australia November 2013 issue, Lawley frankly shares, “I’ve got big hips and a big body. I’m double, triple the size of other models โ€“- and I embrace that, I own it.”

Anyway, going back to the non-sense Fat Shaming Week, I think instead of shaming people, the society should be encouraging them to go for fitness. More so, I think that big people should not convince themselves that they’re only “big boned” when they are clearly obese and may be suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. Being voluptuous, like Robyn here, should never be an issue but being unhealthily obese is an issue that we should address head-on.

No need for sugar-coating in that.

Have a happy humpday!


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