Sleep better with Uratex Senso Memory Pillow

I’ve been using Uratex’s Memory Pillow for a week now as a substitute for Tempur-Pedic pillow (I got the pillow for 40% off, which makes it about 75% cheaper than Tempur) and I’m enjoying it.

Well, before purchasing it, I checked some of the forums and found that the local counterpart is actually as good. The pillow lasts for years without getting saggy and deformed.

Memory pillows are made from visco-elastic material, which is a by-product of NASA space technology. This was originally developed to reduce the effect of G Forces on astronauts by supporting and reducing the pressures their bodies are subjected to during take off and re-entering the earthโ€™s atmosphere.

For me, I liked how the pillow provides support on my neck, which makes me have better sleep. It is said that memory pillows provide relief in head and neck problems. The technology of these pillows, in layman’s terms, is that the material is actually temperature sensitive which reacts to the normal body heat and molds itself according to the human body’s shape as you lie down.

Memory pillows are also hygienic as it is anti-dust and anti-mites. The ones I bought were the largest size and are scented in mild vanilla. ๐Ÿ™‚


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