Showbiz Time: Heart & Chiz vs. Mommy Ongpauco

The Ongpauco parents have now appealed to the public and used the media to ask Chiz to say away from their daughter, Heart Evangelista (real name Love Marie Ongpauco). Read full article here.

The Ongpauco parents never seem to approve anybody for Heart. We all remember how Heart’s parents didn’t like Jericho, which made Heart run away from her family (then eventually they reconciled years after and she went back to her parent’s roof). She then dated Daniel Matsunaga, which I thought would be perfect for her. I’m not sure what happened between the two of them or if Heart’s parents had something to do with the split. But now that she’s with Chiz, here comes Heart’s parents doing a presscon against their daughter’s lovelife.

It seems that this is a classic story of “nobody is good enough for my son/daughter.” Being brought up from a traditional Chinese background, I know how it feels to have a controlling set of parents. And when I say controlling, it can be an understatement.

Yes, it is true that there are still a handful of Chinese families who would not allow their children to marry a Filipino just because they’re Filipino. I am one of them. But being a goody-two-shoes (or so I thought), I have already programmed myself not to like Filipinos more than just a friend. This is what my parents instilled in me. All these years, I thought that falling in love with a Filipino is the only rule not to break… until I fell in love with a non-Chinese (not Filipino, but not a Chinese either) and the wrath of scorned parents came running after me. It was crazy. Reading the article and how Heart’s parents reacted about Chiz brought back memories how my parents would talk about my non-Chinese boyfriend (Honestly, I never knew that I had an exclusivity clause “For Chinese Only” tagged on my forehead).

Though I’m sure that Heart did not have the “For Chinese Only” clause, Heart’s parents did not like Jericho for other reasons and thought that their daughter was just rebelling when Heart ran away with Jericho one day. But being in my mid-twenties, and knowing that I have all the right reasons to fight for love, I knew fighting for my non-Chinese boyfriend is not just a matter of teenage rebellion. It was for a principle that I wanted my parents to understand how serious I am and that I know what I am doing.

Yes, it’s true that our parents would only want the best for us. But sometimes, as parents, maybe they should listen too. Logic to logic, reason to reason. In Heart’s case, I’m sure her parents have reacted in a way that it’s clearly irrational for them to put their claws over on whoever is their daughter’s boyfriend. Nobody seems to be good enough for Heart–not Jericho (yuck), not Daniel (why????), and not Chiz (I wonder why..?).

The fact that they had to call a press conference and tell the media how much they don’t like Chiz is already irrational and quite ungraceful. Moreso, to provide seven reasons about it. Yes, of course, they are “only concerned” and only “looking out for Heart’s future.” But I guess, as parents, they should understand that they can’t run their daughter’s lives. They are supposed to be there just to guide their children. Hold their hand as they walk through life and let them stumble and fall if they have to… because that’s the only time a child can learn how to be strong on their own.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not encouraging young girls to rebel and raise their infatuation in greater heights. I love my parents and you should, too. I understand where they’re coming from. I understand that they were only being too concerned and are just trying to protect me from hurt and heartbreak. I’m sure Heart’s parents have nothing but good intentions–albeit the over-the-top reaction about Chiz. But I also think that Heart is old enough to decide for herself. She’s entirely liable if she chooses this man and give Chiz the golden ticket to love her or to hurt her. It’s her choice to make. It’s her heartache to nurse. It’s her life to live.


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  1. this happened to me, which is quite very shocking. the parents of the girl literally banned me from ever visiting their house again, never to talk to the girl ever again. i don’t know what happened between chinese and filipino but i just felt that it was so unfair, especially when you found out that it’s because of my ethnicity, filipino yan.. mahirap walang ipapakain sayo. really shocking, first time a parent lashed out on me like that and they didn’t even bother to know me or even talk to me. i really felt so little at the time. anyway thanks for the column. πŸ™‚

  2. Same here, my parents i think were over protective. Just want to add even the daughter and the unwanted guy ended up together, sometimes this unfortunate man will still need to prove himself to her parents, over and over, it doesn’t end in marriage. Despite this predicament, somehow the good thing about this, is you can truly know how much he loves and can stand by you, no matter what. Because you know he can easily face the other way and be with another woman with no overprotective parents and live a less difficult life but still he chooses you.