Showbiz Time: Barretto Family Feud

Thanks to Chuvaness and Fashion Pulis–plus other entertainment sites, we all get the latest scoop on Barretto Family Feud.

Each camp has fired canon balls towards each other. One statement after the other from one family member to another. It’s crazy.

But no matter how attentively we stand by on which Barretto sibling is to come up with another statement next, it’s really hard to explain this sticky family debacle. Remember, there are two sides in a story. And every time, one would always pick on the parts of the story that puts them in the better light.

In an article I’ve read analyzing what’s going on, psychologist and life coach Dr. Randy Dellosa said:

In assuming these roles, parents should avoid taking sides and remain calm, objective, and neutral.Β  When heated arguments ensue, parents need to pacify their warring children and help them settle their differences.Β  The end goal is for parents to guide their children towards eventual forgiveness, paving the way for a sincere and lasting reconciliation.

And I couldn’t agree more.

Being a mother, she should have remained neutral. This would have pacified the issue. The moment she took a stand, it’s like the Barretto siblings saw the go-signal as to whether which camp to side with. I know every family has skeletons in their closet. And I wish, the mother knew how to keep it in the closet. They should have dealt with this privately.

I remember my lola always tells me that whatever or how ever a child becomes, it all goes back on how the child was raised by the mother. And I guess, when you look at it closely, it all boils down to Inday Barretto.

I believe that no child is innately evil. How ever the child has come to be, I believe it’s a product of their childhood. I guess if a child has been nurtured with enough attention and love, he/she will not grow up to have the Barretto war-freakish character.

If the Barretto siblings were raised well, Gretchen will not develop the inferiority complex the way her friend related via Pep. She would not have the desire to be larger than life just to prove the world she’s something. Claudine will not have the violent attitude she showed the world in NAIA. And the rest would follow.

I guess each story has a lesson lying behind it. And I hope, with all this public fiasco, each of us will pick up something on being a better parent.

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  1. But, being around my family is a whole different story. I think it’s even worse than what I suffered as a child. I know it’s only a matter of time before I’ll be leaving again. I just can’t deal with all this again. Child abuse is so much more damaging than people seem to realize. It tears apart whole families and I’m here to testify to that. It just devastates me to see what it has done to my family and I can’t help but wonder how it has affected so many other families. It needs to stop!