Shining Shimmering Sequined Pieces

The eternal search for my shining shimmering gold sequined skirt. I checked out Forever 21’s end of season sale to update my wardrobe. I still have not found my perfect 24k gold skirt, but I was able to buy a lot of sequined pieces.

I got the festive dress featured above is Forever 21’s Pallete Multi-Toned Spaghetti Strap Dress, which is currently sold at Php 1,275.00 ($24.80 in website). I simply love its multi-colored gradient tone.

Here’s another sparkly skirt I bought earlier, a black and gold chameleon mini skirt, which is discounted for onlyย  Php 735.00 (from Php 1,175.00 original price). There’s a black and silver version too.

I was able to find this coral gold skirt earlier pero mas bet ko ma-achieve ang yellow gold skirt so I skipped on buying this.

Some sequined shorts were also available in Forever 21–a la Selena Gomez ang drama ng get up.

This skirt is from Coexist. Although it’s not really sequined, I love the shiny intricate pattern of this Amelia skirt which makes it look expensive. Original price is at Php 1,350.00… but I was able to get it for only Php 99.00–what a steal! ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, and the attention-grabbing kintab-factor dress I posted last time is actually in our local Forever 21 stores already and is on sale. I checked the international website and found that the silver and royal blue version is sold in the US.

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