Shawill Color Cream Eyeshadow Palette

I was looking for a set of shadows for my friend who I recently taught how to do makeup. Just the basics of having smokey eyes and the natural shades… besides, I’m still practicing myself. So I was at the department store, trying to find a set of palette with the perfect neutral/smokey shades plus bright shades, in case she wants to experiment with her makeup.

I was drawn to Shawill’s cream eyeshadow palette. They have this 12 color cream palette that has the neutral shades that I’m looking for, plus the bright shades for my friend. While I, I got the 6 color cream palette with only the bright ones. I’m excited to give this to her so she can practice with her makeup skills. I got her a set of Emily brushes too, for a starter. ๐Ÿ™‚

I used my Shawill Color Cream shadow today and it did not disappoint. The eyeshadow is very pigmented, and I even enjoyed the glittery top layer. Yes… only the top layer has lots of glitters. Beneath it is actually a frosted tone. I love that the colors stay vibrant. But then again, I used ELF eye primer underneath, plus a white powder shadow all over my lids as a base… So I guess both helped in making my eye makeup stay put throughout the day. You can refer to my Look of the Day post to see what I can up with this palette.

Anyway, the 12 color cream palette goes for about Php 148.00 while the 6 goes for about Php 128.00

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