Send some chewy Alchemy macarons this Christmas

I had a wonderful treat this morning from Meryl of Alchemy Baking Magic. She makes one of the best macarons in town and I’m just so lucky to have her swing by Greenmeadows Vintage Bazaar today to drop off a box of her delicious goodies (Thanks, Meryl!! :D).

It’s love at first sight bite. At first bite, these melt-in-your-mouth macarons leave you in a luxurious desire to have some and then more. Meryl’s delectable French pastries are soft and chewy, with the perfect degree of sweetness. I was able to try Chai Spice, Choco Ganache, Green Tea, and Salted Caramel. Each flavor shines in its own distinct spot light. I swear, I can gobble down 3 boxes in one sitting!

Aside from the pure goodness on the inside, I love products that put a lot of thought in its packaging. Alchemy’s cutesy box is so cute, I had to keep it as a souvenir. Plus it came in a light teal color–my current fave shade!

Below are the flavours you can choose from:

But what’s more amazing is that my blog’s 4th year anniversary blowout is still running and part of my sponsorlist includes Alchemy. 2 winners get a chance to bring home a box of 6 right in time for this wonderful Christmas season. Yay!

To order, you may contact Meryl at 0917 896 3795 or call (02) 330-9229. You may also get in touch with Alchemy via Facebook or email them at Please allow 3 days lead time.

Alchemy macarons are available for pick-up at 24 Lark St., Greenmeadows Subdivision, Quezon City from 9AM-8PM.

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