Say whaaat?

I’m always happy when I visit True Value since I get to bring home nifty stuff to add to my collection of non-sense junk. This time, this isn’t really nonsense. I got this lighting ear pick for only Php 39.00 + (50% off from original price of Php 79.75) I was so amazed by the discount that I wanted to buy all of the stocks and just give it away.

Anyway, got one for myself and tried it as soon as I got home… But it was too hard to pick out my gold… so I ended up reverting to the ear candles I got from Watson’s.

If you are fond of using ear picks, this might be helpful for you since the lighted tip really serves its purpose. I, on the other hand, has the laziest bone in the planet, prefers to use ear candling to suck out all the gold from my lobes.

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