Sakae Sushi vs Kuretake: The Battle of the Battleship Maki

I have a penchant for Japanese food. I just love having authentic Jap food. And among all the makis and sushi rolls, my favorite is the Gunkan-maki or the battleship maki… more specifically, the egg-filled Gunkans.

The typical Japanese fastfood (e.g. Tokyo Tokyo, Teriyaki Boy, Karate Kid, Tempura, Yoshinoya, etc,) in Manila would normally carry California Maki, Tamago Maki, and Tempura… but not these lovlies. Heck, even Omakase does not have these egg filled Gunkan-makis.

These Gunkan-makis are generally more expensive primarily because of the fish roe. I was so happy when I was able to find it in Karetake for the first time. I just loooooove the popping sensation of the fish eggs inside my mouth. Karetake offers Ikura Gunkan-maki (Salmon eggs), as compared to what we found in Sakae Sushi’s more common Tobiko Gunkan-maki (flying fish eggs).

I remember paying for Php 175 for these Ikura Gunkan-maki (2 pcs per order)… it was heavenly. So when I was in Sakae Sushi yesterday and found the cheaper Tobiko Gunkan-maki (for only Php 79 per 2-pc order), I got myself 5 plates from that amazing conveyor belt. :p

I remember I was so happy when I found a tupperware filled with fish roe in Subic years back for a cheap price and would always eat it over hot rice. But anyway, you can conveniently but these little fish roe in Cold Storage, but they don’t come in cheap. You can also get those jarred orange caviar in groceries like Landmark to make your own Gunkan-maki.

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