Roadtesting Magic Jack

Affordable VOIP Solution

Yesterday, I was finally able to get my own Magic Jack. I was so delighted, so when I got home, I instantly plugged in it my laptop and started installing away.

It took me 3 hours to finally register my device… most of which spent deciding on what number I’m using for MJ registration. Since once you have picked your number, it’s going to be registered under you forever. However, change of number in Magic Jack is also possible for an additional amount of USD 10.00

Having said that, I finally picked a Newport Beach/Laguna Beach area code as a tribute to my fave CBS show The O.C. :p

I was able to test it last night and called LA. The line was ok, but choppy at times since our home DSL has been acting up the whole afternoon. My mom was also able to make a call to Canada and chatted away for more than hour–and to think, all of these calls go out FREE!

In the US, you can buy the unit for USD 39.99, but I got my unit over eBay for only Php 2,250.00 (other sellers can jack it up to 4-6 grand). I think the price is pretty reasonable considering that you can have unlimited calls to/from US and Canada for a year and just renew your registration for USD 19.99 annually.

The bubble pack comes with the unit, a USB extension cord and some instruction manual. Although you don’t really need the instruction manual since the device is purely plug and play.

You have to remember that MJ depends on your internet connection. The speed of your internet can affect the call quality. So if you are not under a fast broadband/DSL connection, I suggest just settle for ym voice for now.

So far, I’m enjoying my Magic Jack and I can see the benefits of my two grand. In fact, I’m using it right now for another call to LA… and we’ve been hogging the lines for more than an hour now–without worrying the cost of an IDD call ๐Ÿ™‚

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