Red Mango Frozen Yogurt

For the longest time, I haven’t had any froyo during weekends as I have been busy with too much socializing. Anyway, I’m about to be back on track and first on my list is to try the lastest buzz on froyo family–Red Mango.

Red Mango is the Korean froyo brand that became so popular in the US… and now it’s here. Thanks to a good friend who brought the fab brand in Manille.

I swung by Eastwood’s New Mall and got my first cup of Red Mango. As usual, I took the strawberry-kiwi combo… and I was feeling a little hungry so I added mango in and got the green tea version. Boy, it was soooo good! Though I noticed that the fruits–specifically the kiwi–were not chopped in cubes… so it was kinda harder to eat. (Yeah, I’m such a lazy-ass… hehe) Anyway, overall, I’d definitely come for more.

A small cup is at Php 80, a medium cup goes for Php 115, a large cup goes for Php 150, and the ultra big family size goes for Php 220. Toppings start at Php 20 for 1 topping, Php 30 for 2 and Php 40 for 3 toppings. Just add Php 5 if you want the Green Tea flavored fro-yo.

Aside from froyos, you can have Blueberries ‘n Cream or Banana Almond waffles for Php 85. And yeah, Red Mango also have organic coffee, tea and froyo smoothies.

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