Ready for Rain with my Sew Cute Plueys

I was so happy when my package arrived today(well, the shipping was fast since I just bought it online and paid for it yesterday)!

Finally, I have my very own kikay rain boots. Something I wish I had a week ago when Falcon was in our country.

I got my pair from Ready For Rainย for only Php 1,715.00 (since it’s on RedTag sale). I was tempted to get 3 pairs… Oooh La Lace was a close second in my picks followed by Catstooth. Anyway, I ended up getting Sew Cute.

I absolutely love my pair and I’m super excited for the next storm to come justย  so I can try my Plueys on. The pair I got is actually decent and there aren’t any noticeable defects or misprints on it… so I guess the Php 800++ savings I got from picking the RedTag was well worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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