Putting Smart Bro on a road test

I was one of those excited college kids who went and fall in line early on a Saturday morning, in the hopes of getting the awesome freebie… and I did! In fact, I was too ecstatic yesterday–the entire day–when I got my FREE Smart Bro at B Free event.

We know, however, that the reward is just as good as nothing if it does not perform as we expect it. So to feed my curious mind, I decided to test my new thingamajigie this morning–esp. that our home PLDT DSL is acting up lately.

Since we all know that Smart has the largest coverage in terms of the wireless realm, I have put my bet that my new gadget is well worth the looooooong line I went through yesterday.

So, excited as I am, I plugged it to my laptop to have it a go… and I was disappointed.

I can not even load a page, and if I do, it takes such a long time. My ym’s connection was wobbly, and I hate it. Again, with these usb-type mobile internet device, you can not expect to get fast download speed with your torrents. Simply put, DO NOT EXPECT YOU CAN DOWNLOAD ANYTHING from Vuze/uTorrent.

To confirm, sad to say, Sun Wireless Broadband‘s speed worked better, has better speed, and is more stable. Surprisingly, Smart’s widest coverage did not beat Sun’s MM-only promise.

In fact, right now, I’m using my Sun as I post this entry.

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  1. I’m loving your posts. As of this post, can’t still find a bit of information of “who’s behind Couch Wasabi?” except that you’re a college student. Anyhow, back to reading. ^_^

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