Product Review: Yves Rocher Sebo Specific Zero Defect Anti-Imperfection Concentrate Moisturiser

Following the basic cleanse-tone-moisturize regimen in the Philippines is very tricky. Why? Because a lot of girls would usually skip theย  moisturize part, especially during the day, when you are expecting to be exposed in heat and humidity. As we all know, heat + sweat + pollution + a slab of moisturizer on your face = pimples.

I have always skipped the moisturizing part, especially while I was in college, as Taft is just a nasty polluted place to be in. Anyways….

Now that I am older, I am fully aware that I have to have moisturizers as part of my skin regimen. My skin’s need when I was 17 is definitely far from what it needs now that I am a decade older.

Most of the moisturizers sold are too oily for my skin that can cause me breakout easily. If not, I just find them too sticky and uncomfortable.

I am glad to discover Yves Rocher Sebo Specific Zero Defect Anti-Imperfection Concentrate Moisturiser over the weekend. The SAs at SM Aura were very nice and witty. I really enjoyed purchasing this item with them. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yves Rocher Sebo Specific Zero Defect Moisturiserย is especially made for oily to combination skin types. It is said to rejuvenates, purifies and rids your skin of acne-causing impurities and excess oil.

This Anti-Imperfection cream protects and tightens your skin while reducing its sebum production. It controls shine and maintains a clear and smooth complexion with its powerful combination of active ingredients. The cream has no tolerance for acne, the Zero-Blemish formula focuses on preventing unwanted surprises on your skin.

As a true test for this product, my beau has been using it for 3 days now. With men having oilier skin than women, my beau has tested Yves Rocher Sebo Specific’s effectivity by mattifying his face for about 4-5 hours. He uses this product twice a day, morning and night. We noticed that this made his face less oily in the morning when he wakes up.

What I like most about this product is the light-weight formula and the crisp, clean scent. Since the scent is not too flowery or fruity, men can definitely use this as part of their skin care regimen. At Php550.00 a jar, this is a good alternative to my L’Oreal Pure Zone Anti-Imperfection Moisturizer.


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