Product Review: Ysabel’s Daughter Moringa Body Wash w/ Luffa (Lemon)

I raved about Ysabel’s Daughter products two months ago.. and I’m not over it yet. This time, let me talk about one of their best-sellers, Moringa Body Wash w/ Luffa (Lemon).

I love that Ysabel’s Daughter uses natural stuff in all their products. This particular product has moringa, which has been a wonder ingredient in bath and body products lately.

Moringa helps detoxify toxins and unwanted impurities that are settled deep within the skin. It also helps in enhancing fairness of skin by bringing back the balance of natural skin color and tone. Moringa natural skin care products help in natural environmental protection of skin and anti-aging properties. Apart from moringa, this Ysabel’s Daughter body wash is infused with fine green luffa shreds scented with lemon that will keep you smelling great too.

LEMON is a citrus fruit that contains vitamin C, citric acid, B vitamins, carbohydrates and a small amount of protein. Lemon juice may aid in diminishing the appearance of scars and age spots. It is also known that the antibacterial properties of lemon juice also make a good natural treatment for acne, and when applied regularly, lemon juice may speed up the healing of acne lesions and prevent future breakouts. Lemon is a key ingredient found in YSABEL’S DAUGHTER MORINGA BODY WASH WITH LUFFA LEMON (Php 565 for 200ml)

For more info, go to Please text 0918-8871886 for orders.

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