Product Review: Shiseido Ibuki Purifying Cleanser

I am finally posting my review for Shiseido’s Ibuki Purifying Cleanser after 2 weeks of using it.

Shiseido’s new skincare line IBUKI, targets at women aged 25- 34 y.o. and promises to help them build inner resistance for their hectic lifestyles.

Ibuki, which means to “inner strength” in Japanese, boasts of building up skin’s resistance with a breakthrough technology — the Shape Memorising Cell Technology — by returning cells to their ideal condition and memorizing their ideal moisturized state at its optimal condition.

These are the major ingredients in the Ibuki range that fulfill three key functions:
1. Lamium album Extract + Trehalose: Inhibits cell shrinkage by allowing cells to remain plump with moisture
2. TMG (trimethyglycine): Removes excess surface cells
3. Yuzu Seed Extract: Encourages healthy cell production

True enough for me, I have been suffering from really bad skin condition for months now. My skin towards the mouth/chin area gets super dry that I find it hard to smile some times–it’s like windburn on the face.

With the use of Shiseido Ibuki Purifying Cleanser, my skin feels like it has found its balance, returning to its healthy state–and it’s only been 2 weeks!

I use this almost everyday, though. Even if it said the product is best used once a week. What I like most about this product is that you need a little puny size of it to turn it into a rich lather. Talk about value for money! So, my two 5ml tester tubes from Sample Room can actually last me for 1.5-2 months (I think).

This purifying cleanser contains gentle beads to help slough off the dead, dry skin cells. The product foams well to remove all traces of excess oil yet it leaves your skin soft and well moisturized every after wash.

If I use other facial cleansers, with my current skin condition, I’d find myself putting on moisturizer within 15 minutes after washing my face. With Shiseido’s Ibuki Purifying Cleanser, I didn’t have to do that. My skin feels clean yet it doesn’t feel dry.

You can get your 125ml tube for only Php 1,495.00 at your favorite beauty counter.

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