Product Review: Perfume Pod

Hello, hello! Just got back from my trip, which I’ll be posting about soon. Anyway, today I’ll be sharing with you my latest find from duty free.

Have you had this dilemma of wanting to carry your favorite perfume but you simply can’t since (1) the bottle is too big and (2) you can’t transfer it in a smaller atomizer since it’s sealed. Yup, I’ve definitely had that for YEARS.

Good thing there’s these Perfume Pods around.

Carry your perfume with you anywhere with the Perfumepod. The Perfumepod is designed to be qualitative and affordable. Made with durable and scratch resistant material, its bottle is crystal clear, so you can see the perfume decant when filling. No surprise, you always know whatโ€™s left inside! Last but not least, Perfumepod is shatter-proof, made without any glass, and thus can be dropped without any risk of spillage or leaks.

Itโ€™s so safe, itโ€™s even approved for air travel!

Instead of trying to twist open your big bottle of perfume to transfer the liquid to another atomizer, you can simply place these Perfume Pods on top of your favorite perfume bottle and pump to fill. It’s leak-proof so it’s super travel/airport-ready. Each Perfume Pod can carry up to 65 spritz of perfume so it’s also ideal for daily use. I mean, these cute things just makes it so convenient to carry your daytime and night time perfume without adding bulk to your purse!

I picked these up from Duty Free Philippines for USD 8.00 (with Php46.55 conversion that day) each. For the price, I think it’s worth it since there’s no other sensible way to transfer your favorite perfume to another atomizer without the technology that these Perfume Pods have.

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  1. This is seriously an awesome solution for bulky perfume bottles! ๐Ÿ˜€ Especially in my case: I bought a Dear John body spray from Lush Cosmetics – and the bottle itself already takes up a lot of space in my hygiene kit! D: